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Stay Inside Your Box

“Think outside the box. ALWAYS think outside the box.”

That’s what almost every single creative person I know has told me.

And if I were honest, it’s done me more harm than good.

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What Google Taught Me About My Work Space

I have a few friends that work at this place called Google. You might have heard of it. As a matter of fact, my wife used to work there while we were in college.

If I remember anything they told me, it was “they take care of us.” Which caught me off guard.

See, I’m what’s called an “office-snob.” 9am to 4pm – I’m most in front a computer screen, a piano, or another face having a meeting.

I recently read an article on the The 100 Best Companies to Work For. Per my experience with their co-workers, Google was #1 on the list.

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Should I Daydream at Work?

It’s the one thing we’ve all been asked.

Did I just catch you daydreaming?” 

I recently read an article suggested that “daydreaming could actually involve a highly engaged brain state — daydreaming can lead to sudden connections and insights because it’s related to our ability to recall information in the face of distractions.”

This got me thinking.

What if – now, just hear me out – what if, I take 15 minutes every day during my workflow to just sit there, and daydream. Look at clouds in the sky and think about whatever pops in. Could this actually, really, like, for a real…. be a big thing?

So I tried it.

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Why Churches Need to Stop Being Cool

Most of you know my background.

Back woods church, hymnal, organ.

Suit and tie, fried chicken, and southern gospel.

It was a good foundation. It made me who I am. But by my college years, I knew that it wasn’t exactly my thing.

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Understanding the Media Budget

I’ve been a consultant to churches who need help with their worship & media ministries for almost 3 years now. Usually, at the end of everything, I get a chance to sit down with the pastor and the worship / media team. Let me depict to you what I usually see.

Pastor sits there.

Worship guy sits over here.

Media guy is kinda in the back of the room over here.

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Book Review: Developing a Series by Jonathan Malm

1964392_842979994931_2081303681_nJonathan Malm has put together a fantastic resource to help you plan sermon series’ for your church. This e-book has practical tips and tricks to make your sermon series’ effective and impacting to your congregation.

I’ve known Jonathan for a little over a year now. The guy is a pool of Church resource. If I ever have an resource, product idea, or something that’s a little out of the box, I’ll shoot him a message and get his input first. The great thing about Jonathan is, if he has a new idea (which is pretty much all the time), he knows how to make it stick in someones mind.

Kinda like how we all want our sermons to be.

Jonathan put together a fantastic new e-book called “Developing a Series.” This 60 page e-book goes through different ideas on how to make your sermon series come together with originality, integrity, and creativity. He starts out by explaining the reasons why a church should do a series, and then takes us on a journey on how to develop the right attitude around our sermons.

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7 Little Things That Make My Mornings That Much Easier

So, today’s post is one of those 7 steps towards a better you posts. I know….I hate them too. But I couldn’t resist sharing with you a few things I’ve done to make my life that much better.

Let’s be honest. Mornings stink. Flat. Out. Stink. However, they are the most crucial times for you to become mentally, emotionally, and physically ready for the day. Here’s 7 things that completely changed my life, simply by re-altering my mornings:

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Book Review: The Worship Media Handbook

ipad_preview_newI recently got the opportunity to read The Worship Media Handbook from Jeff McIntosh. Jeff is the owner of Church Motion Graphics, a resource for excellent motions for the church.

The Worship Media Handbook is a 101 page PDF ebook on the fundamentals of worship projection. This can help you and your church media team prepare, edit and project worship lyric slides with excellence. Topics include: typography, layout, color theory, alignment, punctuation, timing and more.

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