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The Day I Completely Blew It

Worship is not a place for emotional messes.

This has been what seems like a moral code for me for many years. And for those same number of years, I’ve dedicated my life – literally, all that I am – to see people being raised to live the life Jesus called them to be.

Not helping myself.

But helping other people.

Then, comes a season of life when God decides He’s going to take care of you for you. He takes everything you are, and completely strips it away. He exposes you to the most innate places of your soul. The places where your biggest worries and fears have crept in and maintained “status quo” for years.

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Turn It Into Gold

We’ve all heard the old phrase “Everything you touch turns to gold,” right?

Well, not actually gold… but something even more profitable.

In the world of the local church, most pastors or ministry leaders have to wear different hats. In my personal case, I oversee multiple ministries in our church, such as the worship, production, and media ministries. Because we all wear so many hats, it’s sometimes hard for us to become excellent at all of them. Here is a 4-step procedure that you can take to make something extremely valuable while wearing other ministry hats.

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Just Create

Today is a guest post from Ryan Loche, Co-Founder at TheChurchCollective.com.

You feel the tension building.

If you could just find that perfect video.

Maybe there’s a psalm you could read before the closing song.

From the Inside Out and Furious are both in the key of C, right?  What if you mashed them together?

Does this sound familiar?  Do you find yourself sitting at your desk looking for that creative element that will make your worship service something special?

When you started leading at your church you were full of new ideas.  There was no end to the innovation you were bringing week in and week out.  Somewhere in the weekly grind of doing church the spark of creativity seems to drift away.  What was once an exciting planning process has now become an hour of unfruitful googling to find that one idea/video/song/verse to add creativity to the service.  Can I make a suggestion?

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“Make Something” NOW Available for Pre-Order!

Hardback-BookI’m so excited to share with you all my new book “Make Something: A Handbook for Worship Leaders, Creative Thinkers, And People Trying to Make a Difference.” 

If we were honest, all we ever do is copy one another: worship songs get re-done by thousands of worship leaders. Lighting, mini-movies, sermon series….they are all replicated ideas from one place to another.

Unfortunately, we keep on borrowing ideas form other church cultures because we like them, when in all reality, those things mean absolutely nothing to your church.

Understanding your church, the music, the mission, and the belief system is everything. That’s why we have to do everything possible to make our local church ministry the best it can be.

In the book Make Something, I’m going to take you on a step-by-step process in finding the right things that speak to your church culture: finding the right story, the right moments, and the right experience. If anything, I hope this can be a blessing to your ministry and will help you advance further for the Kingdom of Christ.

Make Something is now available for pre-order here.

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Consistency Matters

Todays guest post is from Jeff McIntosh, owner and designer at ChurchMotionGraphics.com.

There is a lot of beautiful design that we interact with every day that goes unnoticed in a good way. These include city signs, user interfaces, architecture and living spaces. Their design goes unnoticed because they function and communicate as expected.

When a design is inconsistent it is noticed in an undesirable way. This could be the wrong tile color in a bathroom, a confusing subway map, mismatched socks or a rough surface on an object that is suppose to be smooth.

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The Paralyzation of Ideas

Last week, my friend Jonathan Malm  wrote a great blog post about how easy it is to come up with ideas. As a creative, it is easy to come up with ideas; but honestly, it can be a blessing a curse.

There’s two different types of creatives: the producers and the inventors. The producers are people who are constantly coming up with ideas, and figuring out a way to make all of them come to life. The inventors are people who have a strike of genius and spend quite a bit of time on one project, and eventually release something absolutely mind-blowing.

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What You Needed to Hear

The thoughts in your head are not your own.

Take a ten minute breather, come back and take care of your situation.

Today is your day to start your reboot. Get off your couch, and start living your life.

Live life to it’s fullest. And sometimes, that means slowing down.

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Stay Inside Your Box

“Think outside the box. ALWAYS think outside the box.”

That’s what almost every single creative person I know has told me.

And if I were honest, it’s done me more harm than good.

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What Google Taught Me About My Work Space

I have a few friends that work at this place called Google. You might have heard of it. As a matter of fact, my wife used to work there while we were in college.

If I remember anything they told me, it was “they take care of us.” Which caught me off guard.

See, I’m what’s called an “office-snob.” 9am to 4pm – I’m most in front a computer screen, a piano, or another face having a meeting.

I recently read an article on the The 100 Best Companies to Work For. Per my experience with their co-workers, Google was #1 on the list.

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