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You’re a Screw Up. Deal With It.

It’s around 2pm in the afternoon, and I glance down at my phone which shows a blog post I had written over two years ago had been re-tweeted from one of my followers. It had something to do with how churches are trying to be super cool, and cool churches are super irrelevant, and how we need to go back to basics, blah blah blah. You get it.

Honestly, I had completely forgotten that I had even wrote this particular blog post.

After reading said post, I quickly realized that every single thing I wrote in it was a complete contradiction on how I now view my life. I remember sitting there with this almost laughable look on my face, quietly thinking to myself, “wow dude. You really wrote that? Way to send the wrong message.”

Here’s the thing: we’re all going to write something stupid. We’re all going to to do irrevocable things that we wish we could take back. You’re going to say something that you won’t agree with later. We all make decisions based on where we are in life, what we currently invest our souls into, and what drives us to stand our ground on particular subjects.

Just know that down your life path, you’ll probably look back and think you screwed up.

That’s because you ARE a screw up. And that’s cool. Because you don’t have to be perfect to be who you are.

let me throw out this disclaimer; I’m not giving you permission to do whatever you want. This isn’t me saying “sure, go down whatever life path you want, who cares?” I’m not saying that at all. If I’m saying anything, it’s this: be yourself and who you are in that moment. Don’t hide your personality from other people. Stand up for what you believe in. Always do the right thing. Be passionate. Rise above the peer pressure of those around you, and live authentically. Force yourself to be who you really are. And when you look back on your life and the crazy things you said and did, you’ll have a smile on your face, because even though right now you might think it was an immature act, you knew you were standing on ground that you believed in.

In two years, I’m sure I’ll look back on this post, and wish I had written it differently.

That’s because I’m a screw up. And so are you.

And that’s perfectly okay.

Be a screw up.

It’s better that way.

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Celebrate Your Crazy

I’ve been treading around this earth now for 26 years. And while you might be sitting there saying “he doesn’t even know what life is yet,” I finally feel like I’ve locked down exactly who I am as a person. Most likely, I’m completely wrong about who I think I am, or what I was intended to do in this life. But let’s go ahead and continue to let me lie to myself about that.

I’ve talked through some pretty basic ideas for life goals for myself to some people’s opinions whom I trust- and most of them (I’m lying, all of them) have laughed and said I was crazy.


My man Webster defines that as someone “who is wildly aggressive.”

Wildly aggressive.

He also said it’s someone who “manifests enthusiasm in a particular place in their life.”

Manifests enthusiasm.

Here’s the thing about crazy people. They’re weird. They don’t belong. And in some cases, they’re looked down upon by society because of what they believe in and/or what they try to accomplish.

And if I you were really honest with yourself, I think you would probably want to be crazy too.

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2 New Books. One New Location.

I’m super excited to share with you all some big changes and new adventures coming!

First off,  let’s talk about Make Something. Make Something came out last June, and the response was way bigger than we ever imagined. We seriously could not believe the response we received from our readers. You guys even went as far as traveling hundreds of miles to come to a church service here in Vegas to see the book in action. After we took some time to review the book after the release, we decided you guys need some more content, as well as some new reading material; so we decided to make a revised edition of Make Something. You’ll notice new artwork, new resources, a ton of edited content, and much more. The best news is…the second edition of Make Something comes out today! You can pick up a copy here.

I’m also super excited to share with you all a new book hitting stores and online this fall, called David’s Tent: A 90-Day Odyssey Through Creativity and Spirituality. Trust me when I say, it’s not what you might think it is. This book isn’t just for a worship leader, a pastor, or even a christian – but this 90 day journey is for anyone who is wanting to expand their creativity, and how that relates to the spiritual world. Expect a launch date as well as more content about David’s Tent soon.

Next, is a big life change. For the past two years, I’ve had the amazing blessing of leading the worship and creative art ministries at Paradise Church in Las Vegas, NV. These past 27 months have been nothing but a giant blessing, and it’s been my extreme privilege to serve these wonderful people. With that said, I’m super excited to let you all know that I now get to call San Francisco my new home. God has moved us to pastor over the worship and creative art departments at Canvas Church. We are so excited and can’t wait to see what God continues to do through these wonderful Jesus followers.

There’s so much more on the horizon, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Stick around! Things are starting to get fun.

– j

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Storyline Elixir

Open door. Get in line. Order coffee. Find a dark, quiet corner to work in. Make no eye contact with anyone. Stay completely unsociable.

Work. Read. Work. Contemplate. Think. Leave.

Typically, this is my schedule when I enter a coffee shop.

However, three weeks ago while wrapping up the “leave” section of my coffee shop agenda, I did something completely irrational. Something so over-the-top, unthinkable, and highly unattainable for someone of my introverted status.

I started a conversation with a complete stranger.

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Routine vs. Rituals

I’m a creative. And we either hate or love how we work.

It’s one of the things that the creative types tend to hate. We all have that specific time of day when the individual genius of who were are starts to pour out of our heads and onto our tools of trade. We get into a series of daily space where we know exactly what works for us, what time of day works best, and what things makes us produce art of better quality.

The only bummer is that we stay in that place for too long. And the risk that makes art great becomes completely oblivious to the artist.

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Eight Months

It’s funny how eight months flies by so fast.

That’s how long it’s been. Eight months. Eight mind clearing, thought inducing, creative testing months.

I’ve met some new people. Had some new ideas. Wrote some new things. Took trips, drank coffee, and knitted hearts with people I love.

It’s also funny how eight months can seem like forever.

As most of you know, I took a little break from writing a few months back. And it helped me more than I could possible imagine. In a few ways, I pretty much just fell off the face of the earth. Make Something blew up way faster and bigger than I had imagined. And too be honest, I was a little overwhelmed by it all. I knew I wouldn’t be able to give you guys my best under that pressure, so I decided to hide away while I wrote, instead of doing it on a platform.

But it’s time to get back to it.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You guys want an update, and I’ve got two big ones for you. Let’s get to it.

First off: It still blows my mind that so many copies of Make Something have been purchased. The biggest complaint that I have received from the book is that you wanted more. So with that, Make Something is coming back for it’s second edition. New artwork, new content, some edited, some improved, and new resources. Also, there will be an online companion workbook with the second edition where you can view all the resources online, as well as a 30 day devotion that you’ll be able to find on YouVersion. Make Something 2.0 is heading you way May 1st. Be on the lookout.

Secondly, a new book is hitting Amazon, iBooks, and various bookstores this fall. I’m super excited about this one – and trust me when I say, I’m pushing your creative mind farther than I ever have before. In the next few days, I’ll be able to tell you all about it. And I seriously can’t wait.

Last, but very much not least, is the blog. Over the last few months, I’ve been gathering content, storyboarding, and writing new material for, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Over the next few days, you’ll see some brand new content hitting the blog, and new content will be added every single week.

Again, I can’t possibly thank you guys enough for how much you have invested into I still wake up every morning in an awe of excitement for what’s down the road, what’s behind us, and the moment we are living in together.

Thanks for sticking around. I’ll make worth your while.

– josh

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A Quick Update After Yesterday’s Update

This post is a follow-up from yesterday’s post,“A Quick Update.”

Let me be the first to say that I am so motivated by those of you who sent in emails, messages, and support yesterday.

There were a lot. And I haven’t even read all of them.

But the ones I have read almost had me in tears.

Yesterday when I told you all that I was taking a little break from writing, I started receiving emails from many of you asking questions, wondering what was going on… but most importantly, you all were letting me know that you were praying for me, supported my decision, and let me know how this blog has helped you. Knowing that I serve on a platform where people love each other back is something I will always be grateful of.

This blog has always been a place to be transparent.  And with that said, I’m going to be very, very transparent.

– I have not fallen into some sin that would hinder me from continuing writing.

– I have not left the local church, their leaders, or my local church where I lead worship.

– I’m not dealing with depression, conflict, or oppression from anyone or anything.

– What I am dealing with is a lot of pressure. Since writing Make Something, I’ve been thrown into a world of constant interviews, questions, reviews, and guest blog/speaking engagements. Don’t get me wrong: I wish I could do all of them. But my God, family, and local church ministry comes before any of these things.

I don’t want to get to a place where my personal platform becomes a bigger priority than the things I just mentioned. As of right now, I’m currently holding off any of my “next big things.” Only because I’m ready to take a little vacation and simply lead worship, work with people I love, and live life to it’s fullest.

Listen guys, life happens. We all know that. And I’m hoping that this little break will help me bring you some great content in the future. Again, I’m not saying goodbye, and don’t plan to for a long time. All I’m saying is – let me take a breather. Because when I come back, it’s gonna be for all the gold.

I love you all more than you know. I’ll see you guys when I see you guys. Peace!

– Josh

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A Quick Update

In October of 2012, was launched as a way to help resource and encourage leaders in the local church. What has happened in the last few years have been nothing short of amazing. I don’t want to name numbers, but it has been mind blowing to think so many of you would consider this a place to find wisdom, creativity, and thought-provoking discussions to lead you in your life.

And I love you all for giving me the opportunity to do just that. Lead you as you lead others. And you guys even let me write a book about it.

Let me talk about that for a quick minute. I remember the first time a published book idea was brought to me. The overwhelming response from my publishers was the fact that you guys kept on coming back for more. They saw how you were growing. And they wanted to be a part of that growth process.

All I’m really trying to say is… you guys rock.

I want to be as transparent as I possibly can without getting into details that don’t really matter. You guys at least deserve that for sticking around. There comes a time in every persons life where they need to sit back and take a breather. For the last few months, God has been teaching and using me in ways I simply didn’t know was possible. He is showing me roads to take, bridges to build, and mountains to move. He has given me wisdom to learn, beautiful people to love, and valleys to conquer.

And right now in life, I have to take a breather, and soak it all in.

Don’t worry – this isn’t a goodbye. I’m just saying I’m going to take a break from writing for a season. Sometimes, we need to sit back and watch our lives instead of always living it.

See you guys soon. Love you all.

– josh

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The Day I Completely Blew It

Worship is not a place for emotional messes.

This has been what seems like a moral code for me for many years. And for those same number of years, I’ve dedicated my life – literally, all that I am – to see people being raised to live the life Jesus called them to be.

Not helping myself.

But helping other people.

Then, comes a season of life when God decides He’s going to take care of you for you. He takes everything you are, and completely strips it away. He exposes you to the most innate places of your soul. The places where your biggest worries and fears have crept in and maintained “status quo” for years.

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Turn It Into Gold

We’ve all heard the old phrase “Everything you touch turns to gold,” right?

Well, not actually gold… but something even more profitable.

In the world of the local church, most pastors or ministry leaders have to wear different hats. In my personal case, I oversee multiple ministries in our church, such as the worship, production, and media ministries. Because we all wear so many hats, it’s sometimes hard for us to become excellent at all of them. Here is a 4-step procedure that you can take to make something extremely valuable while wearing other ministry hats.

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